Why You Need A Social Media Manager In 2022

Social media isn’t going away any time soon and it is the biggest marketing tool your business has at its disposal. If you don’t have someone dedicated to creating and posting social media content yet, then now might be the time. Social Curve can manage your social media for you less than the cost of taking on a full-time employee.

1. The social landscape is changing

A social media manager can keep track of any algorithm changes and new trends within platforms. They can then adapt your strategy and the content based on the latest updates.

2. You need a social media strategy

An employee posting at random on your social media profiles may not have a long-term strategy and this will do a disservice to your brand.

3. Protect your reputation & help your customers

Social media managers are constantly on high alert to each message, review, and comment happening within social media regarding your brand.

4. Reporting & Tracking

A social media manager will check your campaigns regularly – turning underperforming ads off and optimizing other campaigns to make your money is being well spent and your goals are being met.

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