Ads Are Great But What Makes A Great Ad?

Here at Social Curve, we love ads. But it’s knowing what makes up a great ad and being able to put these together to make them work successfully.

Let us tell you some more about ads and how we can help you make your paid ads more successful.

01. Great ads are innovative

Technological development and new business models present ample opportunities for innovative advertising. But innovation should never be an end in itself -it’s not because you can, that you should.

02. Great ads are relevant

So many ads go wasted, causing mental and literal pollution in media and the world at large. Advertisers have an obligation to target only people to whom their ad is useful.

03. Great ads are simple

In an increasingly cluttered and complex world, simplicity often stands out. A single-minded ad facilitates quick understanding, requesting minimal effort and attention.

04. Great ads are interactive

Advertising aspires to provoke an action. Ads should allow people to interact with them, if they are interested. That interaction (e.g. a comment) becomes part of the ad.

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