5 Tips For Bulletproof Email Marketing

1. Personalization

There are few different ways you can personalize your emails. First of all, you can add the subscribe names at the beginning of the email “Hi [name]”. The study shows that this kind of personalization can boost your email marketing results six-fold.

2. Segmentation

Segmentation allows you to craft relevant messages to your audience. Segment your subscribers based on criteria most relevant to your business. Segments might be according to countries, cities they live in, gender, age, shopping history etc. Again, it strongly depends on the data you have about your contacts.

3. A/B Testing

A/B testing is something you should do constantly. Test your subject lines, sending address, the sender’s email address etc. These insights might help you figure what content for your audience works better.

4. Email Design

For a professional-looking email, a high logo quality is a MUST. Email should be simple and responsive, fancy, asymmetric email templates aren’t always mobile-friendly. Pick your brand colors or go with a neutral white. Your emails are a part of your brand’s bigger picture.

5. Email Timing & Frequency

Although the best time for emails is an automated sending, triggered by customer behavior, it fits not in all cases. Occasion emails are the best ones that usually we don’t automate but send when they are needed. The frequency of emails should be consistent and kept at the same pace. How often depends on your customer lifecycle.

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